Implementing Payment Processing for Your Cannabis Delivery Service

In this resource guide, we’re going to break down the four simple steps to implement a payment processing solution for your cannabis delivery service. 


What's in the Guide?

In this resource guide, we’re partnering with KindTap to provide a brief overview of what payment processing is, the existing technologies that make payment processing compliant (and possible), and how cannabis delivery services can implement payment processing under the current regulations.

New Tech
Growing your business with cash-alternative payment solutions.
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How to create a better purchasing experience for your customers at checkout.
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Finding and implementing your payment processing solution.

About the Author

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Antonio Javiniar
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Antonio Javiniar is a Creative and Digital Marketing Strategist who currently works as the Head of Marketing at WebJoint. His passion for cannabis stems from his desire to elevate the standard for marketing in the industry and his innate desire to innovate through technology and creativity. He is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).