Using Data to Maximize Cannabis Delivery Service Efficiency


Your data will carry your business to new heights.

Delivery services are founded on the ability to provide an efficient way of purchasing cannabis products. Short on time? The expedient nature of our society has placed mobile devices literally within arms reach at all times, allowing for deliveries to take place almost anywhere at anytime.

The idea that you can pull out your cell phone, open an app, place an order for cannabis, and have it delivered to your location is at the forefront of social acceptance. It’s the future of the industry. And what better time to take advantage of this than right now?

Dive into the world of data for delivery services and discover ways that using data can work to your business’ success!

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Sales Reports

Data doesn’t lie. Use POS reports to optimize day-to-day cannabis operations.

  1. Probably one of the most important pieces of data that you collect, sales reports not only allow you to asses the current state of your delivery service’s income, but also creates a fool proof way of identifying purchasing habits.

Daily sales reports are to be integrated with METRC, but aren’t only used to figure out the amount of sales that you complete on any given day.

Using sales reports to make informed decisions on your inventory management techniques relates to the ability to increase profitability by adjusting stock of products that are moving quickly. Products that are flying off shelves should be seen as an opportunity to capitalize on the demand of the market while liquidating stock that is holding up the potential for revenue to be made.

Data can reveal some shocking patterns as to what products are holding up profit and need to be moved in a way that effectively promotes your business’ success.

Geographical location and patterns associated with the purchasing of products give you the upper hand in making future projections on inventory decisions like what product to stock more of, product that needs to be liquidated, and future trends. Stocking your favorite brands and best selling product is one way to make sure you’re on the right track!

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Do your driver kits include everything that might be needed?

Cannabis delivery service driver kits can have a maximum retail value of $5000 in California.

It makes no sense for delivery drivers to be unprepared for any given situation they might encounter.

Making sure your delivery drivers are ready to complete orders as they come in can be made simple with the ability to track common patterns in purchase orders by geographical location. This also helps you diversify your inventory in ways that are appealing to customers by are. What’s more is that tracking common purchasing patterns can help generate an idea of the way in which cannabis goods are priced to sell. Economic basics of supply and demand take a more-than-literal approach to solving the issue of being readily prepared.

Tracking metrics that relate directly to the amount fo sales being made and the category of each sale creates a wide database of numerical value that can be turned into monetary value should your drivers be prepared for all deliveries.

Surely you’ve experienced a situation where an order has been placed and your delivery driver doesn’t have the necessary product to fulfill the order successfully. This stops when data is taken from a main source and broken down into valuable bits of information.

The result is the ability to automatically dispatch divers with the necessary goods, placing special emphasis on proactive efforts, not react ones.

Make sure your driver kits are ready on a daily basis and have what your customers are asking for.

Tracking Customer Information

Breaking down consumer purchasing habits is made easy with WebJoint’s daily reports.

Demographics can play out to be an important point of data that should be looked at to adjust the total bandwidth that your delivery service can cover. Details from time of deliveries, geographical location, and purchasing habits of repeat customers can be used to make decisions that take your company’s best interest into consideration.

A complete breakdown of your customer’s demographics can give you a better idea of the marketing tactics that should take a front seat in your daily operations. Customer data gives you an idea on age, location, and spending habits. Use it!

With drivers able to spend 30 minutes of free time away from your central location, you can accurately project where purchases are going to be made based on the time of day. Staying ahead of the game by dispatching drivers to the area that orders are coming from gives you an advantage of servicing an area in a quick and efficient manner!

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Data opens countless doors.

Using Data to Maximize Cannabis Delivery Service Efficiency

At the end of the day, your goal is to generate profit in an efficient manner. This can be done by using the tools at your disposal and by far one of the most important tools at your disposal is the data that your business collects on a daily basis. Recent market trends shift and being able to capitalize on these shifts when they occur is a key to success!

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Written by Jonathan Wigodsky

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