Hardware Integrity 101 for Your California Dispensary


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Selecting the hardware that your retail location is going to use to process sales is a difficult process. You have to think about the style of labels you’re looking to print, the aesthetic appeal that a cash drawer has, whether you’re going to use a tablet or computer to process sales, and forms of payment that you are going to offer.

The integrity of your hardware is something that you shouldn’t ever have to think twice about. Partnering with correct hardware delves into variables like processing time for transactions, streamlining operations, and ease of onboarding for your staff.

Your cannabis point-of-sale is the workhorse of your cannabis retail location. Not only can your point-of-sale supply you with the necessary reports on individual staff performance, but it can also accurately provide you with raw data on inventory management, sales & compliance reports, and really prove to be one of the most valuable tools in your retail location.

Check out these tips for ensuring that your hardware selection has the integrity that you need to rise to the top as one of the top locations for consumers to get cannabis.


Hardware Integrity 101 for Your California Dispensary

iPads are a popular and dependable choice for tablets!

It’s no question that tablets are by far one of the top choices for retailers to use to run daily operations. The ability to transport a tablet in an easy way that requires minimal effort, makes tablets the clear front-runner in the decision-making process. Not only are tablets easy to transport, but most are also user-friendly and operate in an intuitive way.

Tablets have a minimal approach to the amount of training that needs to take place to make each staff member a “pro” at using the device. Other factors to take into consideration are the amount of memory that your device has readily available as well as the amount of RAM that can be used to multitask and ensure smooth operation.

Make sure that your dispensary is ready to process sales by choosing a tab that works with your point-of-sale and is compatible with the other necessary hardware!

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Label Makers & Receipt Printers

Starmicronics is a highly sought after label maker company that integrates with WebJoint’s POS.

Label makers & receipt printers are vital tools to keeping operations neatly organized. Organization in a retail location is incredibly important for a multiplicity of reasons. Among the top is the fact that UDID’s for each product need to be made and receipts with particular warnings and tax breakdowns need to leave with each customer.

Not all label makers are created equal and not all may mesh well with the aesthetic identity of your retail location’s branding the way that others do. Maintaining a consistent message with the branding of your retail location can make a world of difference in the approach that your customers. Choosing a label maker and receipt printer that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb is a small, but close attention to detail that is sure to maintain the vibe of your location.

Barcode Scanners

Scanners should be capable of reading METRC UDID tags and product labels.

Barcode scanners can be used to scan each batch when it enters your facility, each product as it’s checked into inventory, and again when it is sold to the consumer. In this way, barcode scanners are an essential tool to the successful operation of your dispensary. By producing a simple and intuitive way of making sales, barcode scanners have become the pinnacle of tools, when used with working software, to keep track of all products.

On top of this fact, barcode scanners minimize the amount of manual labor that has to be done to enter UDIDs of each product by hand. This means that here is a reduction in the amount of potential errors that can be made by a staff member. As the BCC begins to check in on licensed dispensaries, it’s critical to have a neatly organized set of data to present that is free of errors. Errors mean penalties and penalties put your business at risk for closure. METRC requires that a UDID is put on each product from seed-to-sale—don’t miss out on the

Make sure that your barcode scanners are not only top-of-the-line, but are compatible with the point-of-sale that you are using.

Digital Payment Options

Hardware Integrity 101 for Your California Dispensary

alt thirty six gives consumers the option to use cryptocurrency instead of cash, debit & credit cards.

The cash-only days of cannabis purchasing are over. This isn’t to say that debit cards and credit cards are the only method of offering cashless payment options. In fact, using debit and credit cards through payment processing isn’t suggested. Stories of accounts being frozen and assets being held by the bank of choice run rampant throughout the industry. So what’s the preferred method? Using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is unregulated by the federal government, meaning that all transactions appear on a bank statement as a purchasing of cryptocurrency. Being capable of bypassing federal regulations allows for efficient transactions to take place while minimizing the amount of cash that has to be used to make cannabis purchases. The cash-only cannabis industry suffers in terms of safety and efficiency.

Alt thirty six, a cryptocurrency platform that uses DASH as a payment option has taken the initiative in offering cash alternatives for the cannabis industry. Unlike Bitcoin which is subject to market fluctuation and volatility, DASH transfer almost immediately from Fiat to crypto and then back into fiat after the merchant has processed a sale. This immediate transaction gives customers the option to use emerging technology and eliminate the hassle of being restricted only to cash.

Using cryptocurrency allows for businesses to bypass the stringent federal regulations on centralized banking that is currently running rampant throughout the industry. In this way, cryptocurrency not only gives your business the ability to capitalize on efficient forms of payment options but takes your branding to the “next level.”

Choose Wisely!

The hardware you choose to incorporate into daily operations shouldn’t add stress to the way that you process sales. The integrity of the hardware that you choose in your retail location should be able to streamline operations and maintain an easy-to-use attitude for your business. This means that you oftentimes “get what you pay for” and choosing cheap hardware can jeopardize your ability to make sales from time-to-time. Do your research, choose hardware with good reviews, and take the time to learn the ins and outs of the chosen technology so as to use it in an optimal way!

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What are some of the companies and models of hardware that you use to run your retail operation?

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