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Customers that like you spend more money –

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind your retail location’s success. Going above and beyond the expectations of your customers is sure to keep your dispensary as a standout choice, which creates customer loyalty while increasing the overall outreach of your location. Word-of-mouth marketing is highly effective and top-notch customer service will definitely spark the conversation between customers and friends.

Make sure that you’re creating an experience that’s tough to forget by implementing these 5 customer service best practices into your daily operations.

Fun facts, solid information.

WebJoint’s resource guides keep everyone from operators to consumers up-to-date on regulation changes.

Providing your customers with the brands they want at your dispensary is one way to make sure they come back. The other is by ensuring that you have consistent branding throughout the entirety of your operation. Having a team that carries forward an attitude that looks to blow your customer’s mind each time they walk in is one way to rise to the top. Operating with the attitude of being able to provide your customers with accurate and new information every time they visit, not only shows your attention to detail with recent developments, but can make your location a centerpiece for educational content.

Providing your customers with information on where the product they are interested in comes from, who grows it, extracts it, and the brand’s core values is important to providing a customer experience! Facts on the brands you carry are easy to attain and show a deeper appreciation for the impact that a product may have on an individual’s life.

Customers go to dispensaries for a particular experience as much as they visit to purchase their favorite brand’s product. Being able to improve their connection to the industry in a way that provides them with some sort of educational value goes above and beyond seeing them as a means to an end—and believe me, they’ll know it!

Create a customer relationship, not just a transaction.

Repeat customers are the backbone of your CA cannabis dispensary.

Providing your customer with new information that’ll either improve or reinforce their understanding of the way the cannabis industry works is one way to stat to build a relationship with that customer. Other ways that are effective, begin with understanding why they are in your retail location to begin with. Is it a medical reason? Recreational enjoyment? First-time consumership that looks to dive into the world of legal cannabis?

Customer retention gives your dispensary the upper hand as you have the ability to track purchase habits and follow up with the results or improvement of conditions the a customer may be treating in a medicinal way. In recreational cases, a customer relationship might touch upon new products that align with the customer interests.

Stay on top of it and keep notes on customers in order to engage them in a raw, human-to-human way

Maintain a welcoming environment.

Customer success comes down to consumers feeling like they are a part of your dispensary family.

We’ve previously covered the importance of branding your dispensary in a way that creates an environment that is welcoming for each customer; now let’s touch upon a few other important aspects.

Your overall branding starts with the logo that you create and the relationship between your logo and the core values of your company. With that being said, having a logo is more important than just creating something that looks good and has little-to-no thought process behind the meaning. From the logo to the aesthetic appeal of your location with color palette, furniture, and apparel, creating an environment that is easy to understand has a significant impact.

Music that fits the “vibe” of your location is one way to work on the subconscious level of the consumer, allowing for the energy in the room to stay high and positive. Your location’s vibe is everything and little factors add up to provide big value.

Be sure to keep branding consistent and take the time to think about the meaning behind selected colors, music, and furniture.

Follow up with your customers

Suggested cannabis products are a collective effort. Consumer feedback is key to a successful operation.

Understanding what customers are looking for starts with engaging your customer in a way that creates an open line of communication. Following up with customers and potential clients isn’t just an effective sales method, but shows that as a fellow community member in the cannabis space, your staff is paying attention to the important aspects of providing alternative medical and recreational choices to the general public.

Use patient data and purchase history to your advantage from a point-of-sale that provides you with accurate sales reports on-the-fly. Following up to make sure that what your customer purchased the last time they were in was satisfactory, will make your customers understand that you care about their overall satisfaction.

Personal relationships and connections to your customer base raises the bar for competitors in your area while maintaining and improving customer relationships.

Keep your menu up-to-date.

Moxie 710’s eCommerce provides real-time information on available products.

There is a multitude of ways to disappoint customers that come into your dispensary. One of the top ways to disappoint a customer is to lack the item they are looking for. This means that updated online menus are an absolute must while giving your customer the ability to order directly from your website.

Unconverted sales due to low stock are not only easily avoidable but are one way to deter your customers from returning to your location. Retail locations that are able to get what a customer wants, time and time again, provide a seamless experience while capitalizing on consistent revenue. Maintain an eye on the level of your menu items and convert sales by being able to fulfill requested orders.

The facts are simple: you disappoint customers when they visit your store & you can’t provide what they want—stop this problem in its tracks and be sure to keep an accurate menu of items in stock.

Customer loyalty matters.

Creating customer loyalty for your dispensary comes down to curating an experience for your customers each time they visit. In a world where cannabis brands are getting set to take over the entirety of marketshare, standing out as a location that provides an unforgettable experience for the customer is pertinent to the success of your dispensary!

What’s your take on providing the ultimate customer service in a dispensary?

Comment below!

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Written by Jonathan Wigodsky

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