Connecting Cannabis: Craig and Marc Wasserman (Pot Brothers at Law)


Craig and Marc Wasserman, Founders of Pot Brothers at Law, join Hilart “Art” Abrahamian (COO, WebJoint) for a conversation on the nation’s cannabis vaping epidemic, going viral with their “Shut the Fuck Up” campaign, and licensing/regulations in California’s cannabis market. The Pot Brothers at Law seemingly blew up overnight with over 400 million views.  You can view the entire interview here!

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Chapter Guide:

Viral Success – 1:25
Law Background – 2:28
Transitioning into Cannabis – 03:23
Trademarking STFU – 08:20
Going Viral – 11:20
Typical Clients – 14:57
Do regulations kill small business? – 16:04
Evolution of Retail – 19:17
Instagram Speed Round – 20:53
When a Delivery Driver Gets pulled over – 33:38
The Illicit Market – 37:40
Consumers Against Unlicensed Retailers – 39:41
Licensing Fees – 40:19
280E & Taxes – 41:35
The Vaping Epidemic – 44:08
Fighting Against the Illicit Market – 47:21
Cannabis in Orange County – 48:44
Social Equity in Cannabis – 51:09
Process of Applying as a Social Equity Candidate – 52:42
Improving the Social Equity Program – 53:43
Improving Cannabis Policy – 55:14
The Famous Script – 57:33

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