5 Questions Customers Will Ask That Your Cannabis Delivery Service Staff Should be Able to Answer


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A new customer’s first time using a cannabis delivery service can be overwhelming. There is a huge variety of available products, different methods of growing, and quality factors to consider when buying products. New customers might use your website to search for interesting products and end up with questions. Delivering a satisfactory answer can make a world of difference in the customer’s experience.

All customers should be taken care of with clear attention and given the best information to make educated purchases of cannabis. An informed answer that is constructed with the customer’s best interest in mind lays the foundation for an important understanding of how cannabis works.

Make sure your staff is ready to answer the following 5 questions!

How are you sourcing your products?

Henry’s Original takes transparency to new heights.

Some customers care more than others about where cannabis products come from. These mindful customers may just be curious about more information on what they are buying, who grew their plant material, where it was grown, and techniques used to make sure that what they are purchasing is both safe and effective.

Being capable of explaining a company’s ethos or core values can really bring value to your customer’s experience.

You should have the knowledge on this and your staff should be able to clearly explain how your company sources product. This shows that you as a business not only cares about your customers, but also helps consumers understand why a product is best for them.

Pointing out organic products that are grown in small-batch farms might appeal to a more mindful customer whereas mass-produced and popular strains might appeal to those looking at the scale of the industry. A stark juxtaposition gives your clients the ability to gather an idea of just how many aspects of cannabis there are to consider!

Perhaps, it might be an interesting “homework” assignment to give to your delivery drivers or in-house support staff to task them with due diligence on the products. But in doing so, this includes the backstory of brands and the core values that brands feel are important to spread. Not only do brands appreciate the due diligence, but your customers are sure to appreciate an experience that takes their questions into attentive consideration.

Being knowledgeable about the core values of a company help make a sale and take the customer’s interest into consideration.

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What are THC and CBD ratios?

The major difference between THC and CBD is a critically important piece of information that can make or break the decision-making process for customers. Explaining that THC is the active molecule that creates psychoactivity while CBD is known to be used for its medicinal benefits is a must!

At the end of the day, cannabis is a substance that has been historically put into context in negative ways. Riding this wave and flipping the script starts with educating the customers on the advantages or disadvantages of using THC and CBD-dominant products.

Explaining how THC and CBD work in combination with one another educates your customer and opens the discussion to the effects of varying ratios.

Not everyone is looking for psychoactivity and being able to explain THC and CBD ratios is a unique way of laying out the options! Here’s something to think about—how bad would a customer’s experience bet they’re looking for CBD and are misguided to consume THC products by a rep of your company?

Is this going to get me high?

5 Questions Customers Will Ask That Your Cannabis Delivery Service Staff Should be Able to Answer

An incredibly common question, this is oftentimes a main concern for people that want to experience cannabis the “right way.” Time and time again, people have a story about being too high after not using cannabis in the proper way and having a negative experience that has produced some hesitance.

Take the time to explain that cannabis should be used slowly to begin with, slowly increasing doses as needed. This protects your customer and is a way of preserving the integrity of your cannabis delivery service while giving necessary education on potency, dosages, mg, etc.

Simply breaking down the fact that products vary in THC content is a way that can provide a framework for your customers to work with. For those looking to avoid a large psychoactive effect, products with low THC levels might be the way to go!

Customers should understand the experience they are going to get from each product and your staff should focus on making suggestions based on the needs of each client.

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What is that pine smell? Terpenes in a nutshell.


The first thing your customer will do is smell flower – educate them on what makes that smell special.

The first thing that people do when handed a cannabis product like flower is put it to their nose and inhale. Oftentimes pointing out familiar smells such as pine or lemon, customers talk about terpenes without realizing they are essential to cannabis.

So spread the beans on terpenes!

Giving your customers a base level of understanding terpenes not only provides a fun fact that they can take to their friends, but paves the way to an enjoyable purchasing experience in the present and future. In the world of cannabis, terpenes are everything.

Terpenes are complicated so a good way of providing information on them is to offer handouts and graphic illustrations that break down the information slowly. Give your customer a terpene hand out and be prepared to follow up the discussion the next time they place an order!

How do I consume this?

Kiva Confections is known for their wide variety of infused chocolates, gummies, and mints!

With a variety of delivery methods offered to the community by brands in the cannabis industry, each with a different focus and effect, it’s easy to understand how a consumer can be confused about the method of consumption that is needed for each product to be effective. The various methods such as inhalation, ingestion, topical, and sublingual are all aspects of cannabis consumption that your budtenders should be well-versed in.

There is a huge amount of customers that look to use cannabis for its comparability to a health & wellness supplement, but are worried about testing positive on a drug test.

The answer to this question can be a tricky one and unless you can guarantee an answer that you are confident is sure to maintain the customer’s best interest, shouldn’t be used to influence a sale. A customer’s livelihood and job is oftentimes the source of this question as some simply can’t afford to fail an employment drug test.

One way of answering this question might be to acknowledge the fact that cannabis products come in different formulations and with different amounts of THC and CBD. Some trace amounts of THC are known to fly “below the radar” while CBD isn’t typically what is tested for in drug tests.

Giving autonomy to your customer and providing an honest answer that admits to the possibilities of testing positive is perhaps the best way to go abut answering this question. Customers should feel like they understand this possibility and make choices based on the information you give them.

Education. Really. Matters.

James Henry SF takes pride in being a thought leader in the cannabis industry.

Your employees are oftentimes the only source of information that customers have on cannabis. Staff needs to be able to answer these questions in a satisfactory way.

Educating someone on cannabis is a marathon, not a sprint. This is important to point out to your customers as people in this industry are constantly learning something new and collaborating to share information with one another. Years’ worth of accumulated knowledge simply can’t be given to customers in a single visit so provide them with the necessary resources to gain information on the topic as they wish!

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Written by Jonathan Wigodsky

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