3 Reasons Cannabis Delivery Services Fail to Retain Customers


Your competitors make mistakes –

As a delivery service, curating an experience that streamlines the purchasing process for your customers is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors. It’s apparent that brands are taking over the industry with a high demand and being able to provide the customer with the products they are looking for can help you maintain a central position in the game of delivery services. The race to the top is “on” with the consolidation of businesses and the limited amount of market share that California has to offer.

Make sure you avoid the following 3 mistakes to be the best delivery service in your area.

Not being able to communicate with drivers in real time.

Tookan’s demo interface highlights unique features such as dispatch management, driver communication, and real-time tracking.

As a consumer, it makes little sense to use a delivery service if you have to guess when your delivery driver may arrive with the product that you’ve ordered. Eliminating the issue of not being able to communicate in real-time with drivers can truly be the deciding factor as to whether or not a customer chooses to use your business again.

Safety is a large concern for an industry that has been deemed a “cash-only” industry. The comfort and safety of your customers and staff should take a central position in the way that you choose to run operations. Real-time communications between consumer and driver allow for safe transactions to take place with the guessing game being eliminated from the process.

Is this an issue you’re trying to fix?

Check out what Tookan has to offer! Tookan gives dispatch centers the ability to see delivery driver locations in real-time and track each delivery vehicle as it progresses on routes. Decreasing the risk by way of providing a means to communicate with drivers and create a consumer-driver dialogue, Tookan has changed the way that cannabis delivery services operate. Adding to that, the software company puts a date & time stamp on every order received as well as each completed task which makes staying compliant that much easier.

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Driver kit is not sufficiently kept!

Let’s cut to the chase with this one—your driver inventory kit should NEVER let down a customer. This means that drivers should keep a live inventory ledger of the product that they are carrying not only to be sure that they can fulfill the requested order but stay compliant by making live adjustments to the quantity of products being carried. Delivery services that ignore this simple part of being in business are ultimately the ones that lose customers just as fast as they were gained.

Customers that aren’t capable of being serviced due to a driver lacking stock in their driver kit is a blatant “no-no” that can be easily avoided. Unfulfilled orders clearly result in a loss of revenue and influence customers to find a delivery service that consistently delivers on their promise.

Make sure your drivers are always stocked with your best selling product as delivery service customer loyalty comes down to blowing your customer’s expectations out of the water!

Not offering a loyalty system!

Rewards programs are a vital asset to customer retention for cannabis delivery services.

Establishing a rewards system in the form of a customer loyalty program is a common way of retaining customers that is oftentimes overlooked.

Try offering tiered rewards systems that have realistic and tangible prizes for returning customers. Loyalty points give you the opportunity to engage customers in a way that is personal and builds upon an established relationship between your business and clientele.

Providing realistic and tangible rewards in order to promote a sense of urgency makes loyalty systems pay for themselves. The premise of rewards systems is not only to retain customers, but do so in a way that provides value for the customers and centers a customer’s autonomy to redeem the points that they have earned. For additional details on the types of rewards systems that you can offer your customers, check out our article on Successfully Implementing a Rewards Program for Your Cannabis Delivery Service.
Loyalty programs have the ability to maintain the relationship you have previously established with your customer in ways that others can’t!

Deliveries are the true winners!

Cannabis delivery services are the future of the industry. Being able to provide your customers with a satisfactory experience is no easy task, but can be completed with each sale processed by establishing a clear method of communication, ensuring that driver kits include what customers want, and offering a loyalty system that users can easily understand.

Give us some of your delivery service “best practices” by commenting below!

Written by Jonathan Wigodsky

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