3 Cannabis Networking Events in Los Angeles You Cannot Miss!


Los Angeles Events Aren’t a Rarity!

This short list is nowhere near a comprehensive guide to cannabis networking events in Los Angeles but looks to serve as a starting point for anyone interested in the cannabis space. Each of the events listed has it’s own unique set of characteristics and promotes a way of engaging the industry that you won’t want to miss!

With one of the largest economies in the country, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles is home to the most pertinent cannabis networking events in the entire industry. With big-name influential figures and emerging brands that are taking the industry by storm, networking in Los Angeles is sure to produce results that you never thought were possible. Looking to connect with fellow colleagues? Be sure to check out these 3 networking events to get a full scope of what the industry looks like “on the ground.”

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I. Blunt Talks

Location: Varies by month.

Hosted by one of the industry’s highly respected & connected individuals, Sam Zartoshty & Paragon, Blunt Talks definitely takes the cake when juxtaposing networking events that occur in Los Angeles. Paragon is a company that provides a way of recruiting talent for the cannabis industry that uses proprietary technology to eliminate race, class, and gender discrimination throughout the hiring process. Discrimination runs rampant throughout a multitude of industries with cannabis being no different—and Paragon wants to change that.

Running with a similar format to the educational “Ted Talks” held around the world, Blunt Talks capitalizes on a plethora of talented individuals that represent various sectors of the cannabis industry. Previous speakers include figures like Christopher Dell’Olio (WebJoint), Matthew Morgan (Reef Dispensaries, Ignite Cannabis Co.), Mario Sherbinski (Sherbinskis), James Victor (James Henry SF), Kimberly Dillon (Papa & Barkley), and Nick Kovacevich (KushCo Holdings). Each event is sure to provide you with new information about the status of new projects in the industry while bringing light to the current state of the industry.

You’ll want to arrive early to network before the event begins and enjoy booths arranged by brands that highlight their products. Blunt Talks is typically an open-open-consumption event so don’t be surprised when you see someone openly smoke a vape or spark a blunt. If you’re worried about running late, don’t fret! Blunt Talks usually has a pair of speakers start the evening, followed by a brief networking break before continuing with another pair of speakers—following this format until the evening is over.

Don’t be surprised to see this event travel to San Francisco and Colorado! Paragon Space and Bevel have been the recent homes of Blunt Talks, but other events have been held in various art galleries and collaborative spaces. The vibe of this event is definitely one you need to experience in person to get a full understanding of just how many thought leaders can be placed in one space.

Bring a few business cards, a notebook, and plenty of smiles to share with thought leaders in the industry!

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II. Soil to the Oil: Terpene Training w/ Kristen Yoder

Kristen Yoder on Purple Haze Radio at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo (CWCBE) in Los Angeles.

Location: WeWork, Varies by month.

This is an event that will change the way you understand cannabis science…forever. Bring a pen and your favorite notepad as Kristen Yoder gets ready to rock your world with information on cannabis terpenes! Using the normalized terms for categorizing cannabis—Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid? Think again—Kristen Yoder will be sure to change the way you talk about cannabis.

With a LinkedIn network of over 20,000 meaningful connections and over 10 years of experience in the industry, Kristen Yoder is at the top of cannabis influencers. If it’s a part of the supply chain, she’s been involved with it. Kristen has taken pride in “calling out” brands & companies for dispersing false information and propping up the cannabis industry as a “green rush.” She makes it clear that the soul of the industry departed with the implementation of Prop 64, which legalized cannabis and in her opinion, has made consolidation the go-to business model for the industry while ignoring what has grounded cannabis forever – culture. Within the last year, Kristen has propped herself up to be the CannaBS Detector, starting a podcast to discuss the granular details of a post-legalization market.

What you’ll get out of this workshop/networking opportunity is not only an educational breakdown of terpenes in cannabis but an overall incredible educational experience that is lead by a high-energy, passion-driven cannabis veteran who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. This event is typically small in scale, allowing for intimate discussion to take place with like-minded individuals who are interested in the way that cannabis works in correlation with the human olfactory system.

You can expect to be in the same room as fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, budtenders, dispensary managers, compliance officers, attorneys, you name it! Get your questions ready and ramp up for a classic workshop on one of the most underrated aspects of cannabis—terpenes!

Check out Kristen’s content by visiting her website or engaging her on LinkedIn.

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III. Cannagather LA

Cannagather LA’s first event drew a crowd of over 170 attendees including a Keynote Speech by Nicholas Kovacevich of KushCo Holdings Inc.

Location: The Riveter, Santa Monica

Cannagather is home to a monthly meetup that focuses on connecting cannabis professionals from around the world. This event is held around the nation with chapters in states such as Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington D.C.. Topics range from marketing tactics to investment insights and overall cannabis uses with respect to business. Led by Baker Technologies‘ Rico Tarver, Cannagather’s first event in Los Angeles hosted over 170 attendees with brands such as Nuvata highlighting their product prior to hitting market shelves.

If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, be on the lookout for keynote speakers that pertain to that subject. Cannagather’s format is not a panel-like discussion, opting for a few individual presentations followed by a central keynote speech to round out the evening’s festivities. You can expect food, drinks, and a whirlwind of conversations being had throughout the entirety of the event. Similar to Blunt Talks, Cannagather is grounded in industry education for all in attendance. Whether you are a cannabis industry veteran or just getting your feet wet, this event is sure to provide you with value.

Tickets for the next Cannagather can be found here.

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Written by Jonathan Wigodsky

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